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Technical Training

Data Analytics

Microsoft Partner

K Systems Solutions is an Information Technology-driven consulting firm. We service various aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle on IT projects for our small, medium, and enterprise clients.

Our Staff Augmentation vertical delivers top talent to our clients in both the private and public sectors allowing them to rapidly scale up for the IT projects.

We provide all levels of training on business applications and enterprise systems for business-side end-users and back-end technical users. This includes productivity software such as Microsoft Office , ERPs such as SAP and Office 365, and cloud services such as AWS  and Windows Azure.

Whether a client needs something as simple as a Microsoft Access database hosted on a server or on Azure, a web application to track inventory, or something more elaborate like an Applicant Tracking System, our development team has it covered.

Our Data Analytics team uses advanced techniques and processes to retrieve and convert raw data into useful information which allows us to detect trends and gain  previously unknown insights which are then used to increase overall efficiency and optimize processes.

As a Microsoft Partner , we resell Microsoft solutions including cloud and on-prem subscriptions. Additionally, we  implement and manage services including Office 365Dynamics 365 for Customer ServiceVirtual MachinesBots, and Web Hosting.


William K Ford - President & CEO

William's background is in Information Technology including a Bachelor's of Business Administration degree from Bernard M. Baruch College - Zicklin School of Business - specializing in Computer Information Systems - and a current pursuit of a Master's of Science in Engineering (M.Sc.Eng), specializing in Information Systems Engineering.

Throughout William's professional career and consulting life, he has served in technological and analytical capacities for some of the most renowned multi-national companies including Bear Stearns, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse, Coach, Michael Kors, Hudson's Bay, and Hachette Book Group.

William leverages the knowledge, skills, and connections gained through his professional, entrepreneurial, and educational endeavors in giving back to society. He has demonstrated a commitment to education, entrepreneurial advocacy, and social justice. This is evident, as an example, in the mentoring projects regarding inner-city youth to which he devotes his time and energy. He strives to bring his knowledge and experience to those who are less fortunate by not only imparting his wisdom, but by being a living example of how the value of education, technology, and exposure to arts and culture can transform lives.



To allow the world to operate more efficiently.


To provide our clients with scalable  and streamlined Information Technology solutions.


To use technology to invent ways to maximize quality of life for every human on the planet.